Zigit Auto - Website & Branding

The Strategy

The Problem

Zigit Auto was born out of an intense frustration with the automotive industry.

The car buying process hasn't changed much over the years, despite so many other advancements in the industry. Even brands that have tried to change the experience still fall prey to pushy sales tactics, shady deals, and less-than-desirable inventory. There has to be a better way.

Big idea

Don’t just dream it. Drive it.

Through the website, we wanted to acknowledge the common frustrations with buying an automobile and inspire consumers with the belief that they have an advocate and that their dream car is no longer out of reach, or an out of touch fantasy. We also wanted to achieve the following communication objectives:

* Reshape consumers expectations of the car buying experience.
* Empower consumers to demand a better car buying experience.
* Set new expectations of what a good deal actually is (it's about more than price).

The execution